The Center for the Study of Information Resources of Wuhan University

  The Center for the Study of Information Resources of Wuhan University (CSIR), as a key university-based national research institute of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, China, is the only selected one in the field of library and information science. On the basis of the original Library Science and Information Research Institute of Wuhan University that was established  in 1984, the CSIR was structured in a new style  after its reform of February, 1999.The Director is responsible under the leadership of the university President. 

  The goal of the CSIR is to collect social resources from home and abroad, to innovate academic research mechanisms, to make great academic achievements through undertaking important scientific research projects and to make itself a leading information resources research CSIR in China, and an influential and famous one in the world. 

  So far the CSIR has set up four research labs in total, including Information Economy and Information Resource Planning Research Lab, Information Resource Management and Service Research Lab, Information Organization and Data Mining Lab, and Information Systems Research Lab. The CSIR also employs over 20 full-time and part-time researchers. 

  Since its official establishment in 2000, the CSIR has been always aiming at the research, consultancy and training of great academic and practical issues of social economy informatization with a focus on the organization, management, development and utilization of information resources, and have been making great achievements. 

  In the years of 2004 and 2008, CSIR has been rated as an excellent key research base during the assessment of the Ministry of Education, China. After two term construction as a key research base, the center has become the "211", "985" Project platform, and the core and support for nurturing the “Chinese Memory and Digital Preservation" Collaborative Innovation Center. The Center has joined iSchools, the coalition of global leading information schools, and has been developing into a leading information resources center in China and having greater impact and higher visibility in the international information communities. . Professor Ma, Feicheng is currently serving as the Director of the CSIR, with Professor Hu, Changping and Professor Li,Gang as the Vice Directors. 


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